After two years of finding tiny beetles in my pantry and three different pest control companies not being able to get rid of them, Johnny came to my rescue. He took the bugs, found out what they were and never again have I had those creepy crawlers in my pantry. Thank Johnny for your persistence and eagerness to want to get rid of the problem as much as I wanted to. Again, many thanks.
-Jessica Rowland

When we bought a new home, I never thought we would need pest control so soon. We used several big name companies that were more expensive and the pest issues never seem to go away especially spiders. Then we were referred to savior pest control and not only did we get the service and results we were looking for but an explanation why and that was very important to us. We are so satisfied with savior we continue to recommend them to our friends and family.
-Hanson Family, Fort Worth, TX

Johnny has gone above and beyond what is expected to ensure that my home remains pest free. He lives by the philosophy that, "If my customers aren't satisfied, then I'm not satisfied!" That's how I like to run my business and that is why Savior TPC is the only termite and pest control service that I recommend to my customers.
-John Myers, Owner of Cornerstone Electrical Services

If you want your pest control needs done right the first time, give Johnny a call. Savior does a GREAT job of keeping pests out and away from my home, and the low monthly cost is definetly worth it! I only use the best services when it comes to my family and our saftey, I would only recommend the best.
-Jon, Justin, TX

Savior Pest Control is our first call for any pest control needs! If you seek integrity, knowledge, and excellent customer service, Savior will exceed your expectations.
-Pryce & Ashley Black, Keller, TX

All I can say is Savior Pest Control is the David Copperfield of pest control! I dont know how he does it but the bugs disappear, and I mean gone! I also appreciate their great customer service and helpfulness. I highly recommend them!
-Jeff B. Cowtown Doorhangers, Keller, TX

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