Savior's Green Services

Green Maintenance Pest Control, Fort Worth, TX

Q. What is the green maintenance program and what makes it green?
A. The Green Maintenance Program goes even further than our Basic or Premium Maintenance using not only a reduced impact approach like outside only, inspection, and inside only when necessary but the green maintenance program uses non-pesticide mechanical control as well as the ECO Smart product line and other mineral, botanical, and biological pesticides.

Q. Can I upgrade my current program?
A.Absolutely, just call our offices or let your technician know before your next regular service and you will receive your Green service A.S.A.P.

Q. Can any service be treated using green products?
A.Most services can in fact be made into a green service but some unfortunately cannot, Savior is doing its best to find products that are going to work in a green program. Safety and professionalism is our goal at Savior, not only for you but also for us. We as service professionals run a risk of product exposure and equipment failure at any time, and are always aware of this fact. The fact is almost all of the products not on the "green side of service" are labeled to be used in schools nursing homes, daycares, and commercial kitchens.

Green Termite Monitoring, Fort Worth, TX

Q. What is green termite monitoring and what makes it green?
A.Savior only uses all natural products for its Termite Monitoring System, we call them ter-mometers. These ter-mometers are placed around the foundation of your home and will be checked regularly, we will also provide a graph for your home and assure you that all your future service inspections will come with a professional inspection by a state certified and licensed technician.

Q. What is the difference between Savior's program and others on the market?
A.Most Termite Monitoring programs involve the placement of plastic termite monitoring stations in the ground, an expensive install, plus the cost of a separate monitoring program. Besides the above mentioned if Savior Termite and Pest Control finds termites then we will offer you 50% off a full termite service to your home.

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