Brownbanded Roach Description

Common Names: German Roach
Family Name: Blattella germanica
Color of Pest: Brown to yellow, pale brown in color.
Body Segments: 2 body segments, the head, and body.
How many Nodes? None
Description of Body German cockroaches are elongated and oval in shape. They are often identified by the two parallel lines on their pronotum running the down their body.

Pest Reproductive Information

Number of Queens: As with other roaches the females are the only ones that will lay the oothecaes.
Number of Offspring: German roach females can produce up to 6 egg capsules or oothecaes in their lifetime containing anywhere from 30-40 eggs in each capsule.
Gestation Period: For German Roaches it can take anywhere from 15-200 days of incubation although on average it is more like 28-30 days. And from egg- adult the process of molting and maturity can take anywhere from 55-215 days, although here again the average is usually much quicker at around 102 days.
Reproductive Cycles: The females will mate, then drop their egg capsule or oothecae and then the eggs will hatch become nymphs and mature to adults.

Pest Preferences / MO and Habitat

Preferred Foods: German roaches will feed on most food and garbage found in and or around a home. However these roaches prefer a diet of sugar and floury products. They like almost every other roach will feed on anything they can find and will be able to feed more heavily in environments that are regularly cleaned or sanitized.
Top Forage Distance: German roaches like a number of other roaches will scatter and expand their feeding areas, however often times they like to stay by their main food source. Often times German Cockroaches won’t leave fifteen feet from where they were hatched. Unfortunately though German roaches are often transported through moving furniture, electronics, clothes, trash, and debris.
Preferred Living Areas: Commercial, unclean kitchens are probably the most perfect location for German cockroaches. These specific types of roaches love areas that dark and moist with plentiful food. They are most often found in kitchens and bathrooms of homes, however as an infestation worsens they have been known to invade bedrooms seeking out any leftover food available.
Social Preference of Pest: German Roaches are not a social insect, they will however live nearby or in close proximity to other German roaches but they are not working towards a common goal.
Destructive nature of Pest: As with any other type of roach German cockroaches are always known with carrying bacteria and germs. Because they frequently feed and live in tight areas that are typically not cleaned, picking up different bacteria is simply a daily occurrence for them. The bad part is that whenever these roaches pick up the bacteria they then move throughout our homes carrying with them any bacteria into our kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and even bedroom. Unfortunately these roaches are the hardest to eliminate from a home or kitchen making it a necessity to contact your favorite pest control service to have your problem taken care of quickly and professionally.

Interesting Maybe Strange Facts About This Pest

Interesting fact number #1 German roaches can create an infestation in a home or business with simply an impregnated female to lay her egg sac.
Interesting fact number #2 German roaches with one female and one male in a given environment in one year can reproduce to roughly around 150,000.
Interesting fact number #3 German roaches are the most common roach in the entire world, and are all over the world. The amazing part is that they travel with humans, in our luggage, clothing, furniture and so on.

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