Common Pest Control FAQ

Q. What treatment can you use if I am sensitive to chemical products?
A. If any one in your family is sensitive, we do not necessarily need to treat the entire home. We can treat selected areas like the plumbing voids, attic, and exterior of your home. No area is treated without your full consent and understanding.

Q. How do I know if I need a professional pest control service?
A.Even if you only see one insect or a mouse, more will be on the way. Insects and Rodents are looking for a place to live and reproduce, with available water, food and shelter. Insects multiply in the hundreds to thousands in a very short time. Rodents have a 3-5 week pregnancy that can produce a litter numbering 5 to 7 pups, possibly in your attic or garage! Termites can cause hundreds to thousands of dollars in damage, before you even know they have infested your home. Termites will stop at nothing, working day and night to destroy your home from the ground up. The only way to insure full and proper treatment of these pests is to hire a professional that understands entomology and rodent behavior

Q. Do you guarantee your work?
A. YES! All our treatments carry a warranty with free re-treatment if necessary.

Should I be home when the service technician arrives?
A.Customers are only required to be present for interior and first service.

Are the chemicals you apply odorous? Will they stain my carpets, walls or furniture?
A.All chemicals used inside are odorless and will not stain. Some outdoor applications have a slight smell, but it will dissipate quickly. These are used for quick knock-down purposes for yard and perimeter coverage and only when necessary.

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