Savior TPC was born in 2006 after Johnny Gibson (my husband) said he 'was going to quit his secure Pest Control Technician job and start his own company, naming it after our boss'.

After my initial panic and pleading for him to keep his PCT position, I realized I had no control over his choice, it was in God's hands and I had to believe anything was possible.

Johnny was determined to take all the good he learned from working with 2 different Pest Control companies, and leave the bad.

We started treatments out of the back of a 1988 Mercury Tracer. Savior operated morning and weekends only, so Johnny could work part time in a warehouse to try and keep a roof over our family's head. It was rough! We were adamant not to take out loans and start off with debt.

Over the last 3 years, we have been blessed with amazing loyal customers both residential and commercial, and we have grown enough to have more than one truck.(We sold the tracer!) What can I say? My husband was right (only once mind you) he made a wise choice and although it has been rocky, scary at times and a test of faith, I love being a part of Savior treating others the way we want to be treated.

Our dream is to continue growing, meeting the needs of our community and to have a successful company for our daughters to inherit.(They already know loads about bugs, and they're only in Elementary School)

We will never forget our roots and how people helped us survive in the early days before my husband became a savvy business man! (PS.Don't tell him how proud I am of his achievements, with a little help from above).

-Jax Gibson

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